Discussing OBGYN Care

Vaginal Insecurities: In A World Of Perfect Bodies, Are You Worried Your Personal Parts Don't Measure Up?

With all the freakishly fit bodies on social media and the world's obsessions with perfection, sex, and setting increasingly higher standards for everything, you might be a little self-conscious about your vagina. After all, Gwyneth Paltrow is selling vagina-scented candles and the cosmetic surgery sect is promoting designer vaginas, as well as vaginal "rejuvenation". All this is enough to make any woman think she simply must be inadequate in one way or another.

The Curse Of The Camel Toe 

Unless you're in need of followers and willing to do anything to get them, you probably don't like presenting your groin in the shape of a camel toe to anyone. This particular area, medically referred to as the mons pubis, is actually made of fat, so losing weight may help to minimize the protrusion. You can also try wearing a pantyliner when wearing yoga pants or other tight clothing, or simply switch to garments that don't accentuate you as much.

The Anxiety Of An Aging Apparatus

Yes, it's true that the vagina ages as the body does, but no, this doesn't automatically mean yours is a has-been. Ask your ob-gyn about any concerns you have and whether or not there's a need for that procedure so many influencers are raving about. The doctor will likely let you know about Kegel exercises as an alternative to something more extreme, as these exercises carry other healthy benefits, such as improving blood flow and the production of vaginal fluids.

Those Designer Hairdos!

If you can't resist the temptation to shave your pubic hair into a yin and yang symbol or are dying to try some fabulous new waxing method, failure to check first with your doctor could carry some disappointing or even painful consequences. You risk possible allergic reactions as well as infection, if things aren't handled properly or an unsafe product is employed. Don't feel silly talking about what you want to do; rather, allow yourself to feel confident in the safety of it.

The Scent Of A Woman

While Gwyneth's candles may have sold out in no time at all, you may not be so comfortable with the scent of your personal area, but this is one aspect of your body that can send you important signals. Any sudden change in odor or a strong, pungent smell down there could indicate a problem; thus, it's good to discuss the matter with your ob-gyn. 

That Pressure To Be Pleased

Screaming about the "Big O" on social media may gain influencers and socialites alike attention, but it also leaves everyone else wondering if they're normal or okay if they're not achieving multiple orgasms during every sexual rendezvous. This, too, is a matter for your ob-gyn to educate you about, especially since every woman is different. Even scientists aren't sure there's actually a "G-Spot" on all bodies and even if they were, they still couldn't say exactly where it is on you. Talk to your doctor and, perhaps, your lover regarding sexual satisfaction. Either way, wearing a bikini in Tahiti after getting breast implants in Beverly Hills does not qualify an influencer to advise you on your own body.

It's tough to be an imperfect human these days, with all the sexy bodies on social media and steamy stories about love, satisfaction, and all things sensual, but guess what? Every human is imperfect in some way. You may be forced to love your body the way it is, imperfections and all, or a medical professional may be able to make some changes for you; however, it all starts with a heart-to-heart with your ob-gyn, who knows not just what's best for you, but what's even possible to begin with. Don't let the images and insinuations make you feel like you're not good enough, because chances are you're totally amazing just the way Mother Nature made you, vagina and all.