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Important Reasons To Visit Your Gynecologist When You Are Over 40

Being over 40 years old means there are more health responsibilities to take care of. This means more self-care as well as a change in skincare routines and other aspects of your personal health and beauty care. Another aspect of your personal health that changes deals with your gynecology appointments and related health. There is more to your annual exam after you turn 40. Here are some of the important health reasons to visit your gynecologist when you are over 40. 

Cervical Exam

There are several cervical issues you can face when you are over 40. Most of the concern deals with the possibility of cervical cancer. During your normal pelvic exam, your gynecologist will check your cervical area. This check is usually done with a swab test to check for cancer cells and for any issues. Issues can be abnormal cells or evidence of HPV. If any of these issues or signs show up during your exam or after the lab work is completed, your gynecologist will notify you for a follow-up appointment. Additional testing may be necessary.

Early Menopause

Women can enter menopause at different times depending on several factors. You may begin to notice increased fatigue or issues with temperature. You may also find you are experiencing sexual issues and issues with headaches. These can all be signs you are entering early menopause. Too many women overlook this issue if they are still getting their period on a routine basis. If you notice a change in your cycle or in your mood and physical responses, contact your gynecologist. They can determine if you are entering early menopause and prescribe hormones to help. 

Abnormal Discharge

Many women do not want to talk about discharge as part of their normal cycle or routine period. However, a small amount of clear or slightly milky discharge can be normal. As you get closer to your period, you may notice an increase in clear discharge at random days and lasting for several days. If you begin to notice a discharge you have never had or a discharge that has an abnormal smell, it could be a sign of cervical issues or an infection. These infections can affect you differently as you grow older. For that reason, contact your gynecologist as soon as you begin to notice these issues. 

Remember, small problems and issues can become bigger issues quickly. If you begin to notice an issue with your body or your feminine health, contact your gynecologist as soon as possible. They can examine your issues and determine the best steps to take to deal with the issue. You should also ensure you are scheduling your annual full exam to prevent or catch any issues you may have that you are not aware of. 

Reach out to a gynecologist for more information.