3 Treatments To Manage Vaginal Atrophy

Vaginal atrophy causes the vagina to lose lubrication and become less elastic. This can occur when a woman is approaching or past menopause or it may be a complication associated with radiation treatments for gynecological cancers. There are several treatments that can reduce discomfort and restore normal sexual activity. Estrogen Therapy If vaginal atrophy is caused by low estrogen after menopause or because the ovaries have been removed, estrogen therapy might be appropriate.

Vaginal Insecurities: In A World Of Perfect Bodies, Are You Worried Your Personal Parts Don't Measure Up?

With all the freakishly fit bodies on social media and the world's obsessions with perfection, sex, and setting increasingly higher standards for everything, you might be a little self-conscious about your vagina. After all, Gwyneth Paltrow is selling vagina-scented candles and the cosmetic surgery sect is promoting designer vaginas, as well as vaginal "rejuvenation". All this is enough to make any woman think she simply must be inadequate in one way or another.